5 Must Haves on Your Landing Page
Oct 5, 2018
5 Must Haves on Your Landing Page

Key takes from this article:

  • Discover what are landing pages and how important they are for your business.
  • Know how you can make your good landing page better and best.
  • Learn the secrets of creating a high conversion optimized landing page.
  • And how you can make your landing page so people take action.

A landing page is generally the pages where a website visitor lands and it is also called as a destination page. It serves as an entry point for a website. In marketing term, it is a page which is basically aimed to collect some data from the users. It is designed to convert the visitors into leads and get their email addresses. For each marketing campaign, usually, a new landing page is created to collect more data from the visitors.

Benefits of Landing Pages

Often, landing pages are not used to their full capacity, thus failing to get the desired results. The main purpose of these pages is to generate leads by acquiring the emails.

Landing pages let you get an email address of a random visitor and helps you in increasing lead generation and later turn them into a potential customer. Once you get an email of a visitor, then it can be used to educate your visitors about your organization by sending emails manually or through automated workflow. You can tell them about your products or services as well as notify them from time to time.

Lead nurturing after getting the email is very crucial and important task. Landing pages allow you to get closer to your visitor, get to know them and share your expertise with them. The important thing is how to make your landing page more engaging that would make visitors share their data with you and increase the convergence rate.

Below, are the 5 must-haves that will make your landing page stand out the crowd and more productive.

1. Precise and to the Point:

The landing page should be clear and concise. When a user lands on your page, then he/she should understand what it is about. Do not put too much information on one landing page. There should be only one object that attracts visitors. Avoid adding too many images or links on your landing page as it would only confuse the visitor. Insert a relevant image, a little description that would help you to achieve your target.

Organize your content in a logical order, so visitors do not get distracted. Avoid frictions like unnecessary animations. Your page should be to the point so it can help you to take the visitors into confidence for sharing their information. Make your landing page of value to the customer.

2. Limit Extra Navigations

The purpose of the Landing page should be only one, to encourage the visitors to perform that one particular task. Do not distract your visitor with too much text, or unnecessary information. This would only annoy them and they might bounce back from your site.

When a visitor lands on your page, you have to keep them there unless the target is achieved. To do so remove all the other navigations, do not provide extra links or directing them to the main page or visitor might be carried away.

Make your landing page content in an easily scan-able way, use subheadings and a little space to let your content breathe.

3. Show Your popularity

It is a human psyche to get attracted to something that is popular. It shows the credibility of a product. It is always effective to mention how many subscribers are already there. Claiming yourself to be best is what everyone does but not all will trust you.

Tell visitors about the number of your followers who have been happy customers of yours. Also include security clarification if any, it would further build the relationship between you and the to-be customer.

The better the popularity, the more it would attract new people. Your effectiveness is judged by your users, who have gained something productive out of your service. Show new visitors your record, to persuade them further to trust you, like many others.

4. Engaging Layout

Landing pages are supposed to be very effective. They should attract the visitors and retain them till they provide you with what you have been asking them. To do so, it is important to make landing pages with all the necessary ingredients.

First of all your landing page should be relevant to the research or what the visitor has been looking for.

Things that make up your landing page include attention-grabbing headline, sub-headline (if needed), concise description, and image. Adding a brief description of what you are offering to the visitors would help them decides whether they want it or not.

An image is always appealing to the eyes, make sure it should represent your service or a short video could also be added onto the landing page. It is preferred to add a testimonial, security badges or any other supporting material.

Above all, do not ask for too much information, and make your form precise as much as you can. If you need additional information, have a CTA button to take the visitor to the next step.

Clear CTA and Share Buttons:

All the effort for a landing page is just so the visitor clicks that Call-to-Action button. Make it very clear, preferably of contrasting colour then your base colour. Directly ask your visitors to what you want from them, go for free trial, take a demo or maybe download a free guide. Every other tactic is just so this button is clicked and the target is achieved.

Another major part of a landing page is to make it shareable. This is not necessary but surely a great way to broaden your audience. Add social media sharing links or widgets, so the visitor can further share it among thier social circles. This would help in generating more visitors to your landing page, and ultimately more lead generations.

Whenever you are building a landing page, do try different options. Make a list, add the above must haves and design your landing page. Make different plans, and test what works the best for your site. Things that work for you might not be effective for others, be open to ideas. Effective landing pages will help your site to build impressive lead generation and achieve the desired results.

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