5 Online businesses that cost less than $500 to start and make you money
Nov 11, 2019
5 online businesses

Many people want to start their own business but they do not put an effort because they do not have enough financial resources. Well your tension is over now. You can make your dream of starting your own business come true. Here are 5 online businesses that cost less than $500 to start and make money.

eBay/Amazon Reseller

Now you can start your personal small scale business by selling other’s items. All you need to do is just set up an Amazon/ eBay account and start selling the unused items that are in good condition. Those un open golf balls, or purses are worth something to someone…and you may be get surprised at how much.

When you are out of your personal items to sell, then go to the local discount store and buy the inexpensive items that are more worthy then their cost. You can also go to online store whey they are selling the items in bulk at a heavy discount. When you receive that products, take their photos and upload them on eBay or Amazon and sell then at profit.

You can also check out garage sales and area yard sales. Maybe you have heard that famous saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Find the saleable items, and bargain enough to get your desired price, so that you can resale them and earn profit

Virtual Assistant

If selling product is not your task then do not worry. You can sell your service or even services. Now a days I guess everyone have a laptop or tablet at their home. So, you do not need to spend extra cost of buying it. For very low cost, you can become an online contractor or virtual assistant. You can work on websites like Fiver, Upwork to post your bio and start working for your client.

If you have the skills to solve your customer’s problems then soon you will become a small business owner. Maybe you are a good content writer or best at data entry and can handle the workload of your clients. Maybe you are skilled at making projects for students, or so good at writing that you can write the content for website owners and much more.

 When you start thinking, there are many possibilities of the problems that you could help to solve for the clients. Whatever your strengths are, you can utilize them to earn money.

Social Media Management

These days, social media is the necessary evil. Everyone is using anything from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or even LinkedIn. But influencers do not have enough time to deal with their audience. Well, you can become a social media manager. You can provide your services of social media management to manage their business and personal pages and account for them.

This is a free of cost business. There is no cost other than your services, time, and your laptop/ smartphone/tablet from which you are going to work. To make your work life easier, you can buy the software that can help you manage the social media posts. The prices are different but all software cost less than $500 per year.


Everyone has something to share with people. Online you can see many bloggers or Vloggers in market, giving the amazing pieces of information that help in educating general people. You can also do this with free WordPress website or pay if you want to have your own web hosting site and dedicated domain. All this will cost you less than $500 per year.

This is a great idea to earn but many people are not utilizing this platform. If you want to do so, look to use ad placement, affiliate links content marketing, and other platforms to earn revenue from your story telling.

Many bloggers and Vloggers are also called by their clients to review their product. As long as you have your own camera to record and a laptop to work on, and also free time, you can start this small business of yours. Don’t believe that documenting your whole day is interesting for people. Bloggers with over 1M followers is not a joke.

Editorial Services

Are you a good writer? Small business ideas just come in someone’s head, while other preferably write in their device or document on a piece of paper. If you enjoy to write and a good writer as well than you can start your editorial services. This field includes: copywriting, content creation, editing, ghostwriting, proofreading etc. you can start a website for your services in a professional way and this can be done free of cost or very inexpensive (under $500).

The more clients you bring, the more money you’ll generate for your business. For each service, you can set the price yourself, and your customer will come if he needs to avail that service.  You can work with large businesses and small businesses alike. You can even work with single individuals like students who need help in putting reports and essays together. The opportunities are always there. You only need to go and find them.

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