ClickFunnels or WordPress
Oct 18, 2018
ClickFunnels or WordPress

This article is going to shed light on the following elements:

  • Difference between ClickFunnels and WordPress
  • Distinctive features of ClickFunnels and WordPress
  • Which one is the better option ClickFunnels or WordPress?

Which one should be preferred as lead generation tool for business, ClickFunnels or WordPress site? To analyze this, it is important to understand the difference between these two.

WordPress is a popular CMS, used for building sites and blogs. This is mainly focused on generating huge traffic by using different techniques. ClickFunnels is a sturdy tool for creating sales funnels. Both of these have their own characteristics and features.

Before opting for any of these, their various features should be compared in order to know what they have to offer to the customer.

Which one is easier to create funnels with?

To create a WordPress site, it does not require much coding knowledge. There are various themes available and plugins that can be used. But for something elaborative or exclusiveness, you might need to consult a professional WordPress builder.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels gives a lot of options to choose from. You first asked to define your funnel. To know more about this, video guidance is also provided. As this does not provide much customization, much of the work is already done while building through ClickFunnels.

There is online help available for both of these which can help you to learn about it. ClickFunnels might sound easier to set up but it is hard to master it. On the other hand, WordPress is much preferred for a reason. It needs some technical work but the outcome is worth the effort.


When it comes to the budget, ClickFunnels have set options for you. One is Basic Account, which costs $97 per month. This will allow you to have twenty funnels, a hundred pages and around 20000 visitors per month.

The second option is Etison Suite, letting you have Actionetics and Backpack affiliate system. It costs $297 per month and will provide you with all in one tool. ClickFunnels also allows replacing website completely without spending extra.

An estimated cost of at least $160.40 yearly will be required to set up WordPress. This would include hosting, themes and necessary plugins. The budget could increase depending upon the services you are using. But it surely will be less heavy on the wallet as compared to ClickFunnels.

SEO Friendliness

When it comes to Search Engine optimization, ClickFunnels being a landing page builder has more to offer than expected from it. But this has very limited options, including allowing you to edit the SEO Metadata.

WordPress gives you more control over optimizing your site. It is a content-based site, and there is a number of plugins available that can be used for SEO. Even if you are not much familiar with this domain, Plugins like Yoast helps you to optimize your page to a great extent. This would let you bring in organic traffic. Which means you will not have to spend additional cost on increasing the traffic to the page.

The better the SEO of a page, the more traffic it would be able to generate. Since WordPress has more to offer in terms of SEO, more traffic is expected to be generated on the landing page.


Both the options have different costs, making it difficult to judge or compare the Return of Investment. ClickFunnels provide you already designed funnels for sales, making it easier to setup your page.  The costs spend on it might not be as fruitful as expected.

WordPress costs much less than ClickFunnels. Even if by chance there are same results from these both, still ROI of WordPress will be more, as it had cost you less in terms of investment.

WordPress requires more time to setup but ROI is not disappointing, much can be gained from little investment.

Customization Options

WordPress is highly customizable. It allows you to amend your site or landing pages in various ways. There are built-in functions which let you customize it as per your needs. A lot of plugins are also available, some of them are paid while rest can be used for free. These plugins let you add extra features that you might want to see in a publishing tool.

When it comes to ClickFunnels, not much is offered for customization. Much of it is pre-designed. Though page builders are available on it, mainly for landing pages. It has standard themes for customers.

When compared to WordPress, ClickFunnels have very little to offer for customization. WordPress allows you to build most of it as per your own choice and need, unlike ClickFunnels.


WordPress let its customers build page according to their requirement, with the designs of their choices. As much work is to be done by you or by the expert (if you have hired any). This could be time taking as setting up the landing pages, and customization will require a little patience and time. On the other hand, ClickFunnels have already many built-in features and hence takes little time to setup.


WordPress and ClickFunnels have their own distinctive approaches towards their target. ClickFunnels might take less time to build a funnel, but once you have built it (usually within minutes), you will need to run paid advertisements.

However, WordPress is a content-based site, which has the ability to generate organic traffic unlike ClickFunnels, where you have to pay heavy for creating a funnel and then spend extra on bringing the visitors. WordPress does it on its own. You just need to be good at SEO and building a site with an attractive design.

Above all, WordPress also offers a ClickFunnels Plugin. It might not offer all the features of it but still the plugin could be of much use.

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