Done For You Sales Funnels, a Smart Investment?
Oct 23, 2018
Done For You Sales Funnels, a Smart Investment?

This article aimed to discuss the followings:

  • What are Sales Funnels and Done For you Sales Funnels
  • The benefits or services it offers
  • Whether to invest in Done for You Sales Funnels or not

Sales funnels, also known as revenue funnels or sales process. It is the process through which a visitor is turned into a potential customer. It is frequently used by the marketing and sales teams to bring the visitors to the final target and convert them into potential customers. This allows keeping an eye on the sales process and measure conversion procedure step by step.

The metaphor funnel is like an actual funnel, in a form of an inverted pyramid. The size of funnel represents the people going through the process. In the beginning, there are many visitors and with each step, it reduces, lessening to the potential visitors. In the end, only potential customers are left, represented by the narrow end of it.

Benefits of Sales Funnels:

Sales funnels let you follow the customer journey from the beginning to the final convergence. It allows to see what parts are that attracts the customers more and from where the visitor starts to move away or decides to leave. This provides an opportunity to look at the room for improvement and build stronger business strategies.

For example, if a sales funnel is used for an e-commerce site, the user’s whole journey could be examined. From adding a product in a cart till making transactions, the whole process can be seen to identify where customers are more responsive and when they drop-off. Depending upon this, the funnel can be modified, as shortening the form that is to be filled.

Done For You Sales Funnels:

When you decide to sell something online, you need to develop a whole sales funnel system for it. The sales funnel system includes developing a website, setting email opt-ins, email sings up fields, probably a few downloadable materials, and an email system to auto-respond to the subscribers or customers.

This whole process may require a lot of efforts, time and dedication. Much manual labor and hard work will be required for smooth running of this system. Now for the convenience, funnel systems have been developed that will build your site, create emails on your behalf and giveaways. You only have to promote the funnel system, so lead is attracted through giveaways, and further emails could be acquired to market it.

Funnels are not just one time task; they need continuous attention, maintenance,and modifications. This could distract you from your other business motives. To make it easy, done for you sale funnels could be used and perfectly handle your hustle.

Seven Common sale Funnel Process

There are seven common sale phases that become part of the funnel,

1) Awareness phase, in which products are introduced.

2) Interest phase, customer showing the interest, followed by

3) The evaluation phase and

4) Decision phase.

Once the decision is made…

5) The purchase phase comes. A contract often needs to be renewed with the customer and

6) Evaluation phase is where changes in the contract are brought in.

After which the last phase, the…

7) Repurchase phase takes place, customers buying the product again.

What “Done For You Sales Funnel” Packages Include?

Different “done for you sales funnel” have different services to offer. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Often there are set packages and you can choose one of your own choices, that fits your requirements. Below are some of the most commonly provided services in a “Done for you Sale Funnel:”

  • Some of the providers will give you funnel product idea generation, what and how should be the product. Furthermore, your funnel product development will also be done in an effective and impressive way.
  • A full strategy for your funnel along with emails campaigns can be the part of it. A written follow up emails also will be part of it, saving your time in composing it all.
  • Lead magnet generation, which is offering something in return to subscription, will also be handled by the service
  • Creating ads for promotional stuff and setting a strategy for running the ad. Service providers will run effective campaigns for you.
  • Creating Funnel might not be a huge task but there are many other problems linked to it that could be technical and time-consuming. For example, deciding the design of a funnel for a specific product and then creating it as per requirements and monitoring it are a great deal. In addition to the smooth running of it, optimization also would be done by the service providers. Moreover, funnel system need more pro-attention and time to time a little changes. After the sale is finally made, product delivery will also be done under the same system.
  • Professionally written reports and squeeze pages are also offered by some of the systems. One Time Offers are given which are usually to be availed within 24 hours, subscribers will immediately be directed towards them through redirect pages designed in the funnel.

All the hectic and technical workload can be reduced with support of “Done for you Sale Funnels”. Whenever you launch a product, a little investment has to be done to gain profit. There are some of the things that require you to either spend extra time by doing it yourself or hire services of someone else.

Why not spend a little money on “Done for you Sales Funnels?  It is providing you with all the convenience and saving much of your precious time. A time that could be utilized to focus on other business ideas and counting the money generated from the sale funnels.

From all the user experience and facts, “Done for your Sales Funnels” proved to be much effective, saving time and taking off a load of all the technical aspects. It is sure worth the investment, keeping in mind your needs, targets, and goals. If all is done for you in the way you need it to be done, why not opt for it?  While all you have to do is to market the funnel and earn.

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