How to transform poor leads into successful conversions?
Feb 6, 2019

We all know that sales are essential for a business to sustain and expand in a market. But there are various challenges in convincing buyers to purchase your product. For example, if you have generated leads and they are not converting, either they are not relevant according to your target market, or they are not appropriately approached.

In either case, you can still do better. I have been generating leads through various channels, and I believe even poor leads can be converted into successful conversions using some techniques. Let’s take a look at these techniques.


Build a relationship with your leads

Finding leads, approaching them once and then getting out of touch is what makes them lose their interest in your brand. Once you have got any leads, keep interacting with them, build a relation.

Have you ever noticed how some storekeepers communicate with people and build friendly relationships? The people feel more comfortable visiting their store and asking questions.

If you keep updating your leads about your products and interact more, they will get interested sooner or later. What you need to do is to contact them, ask if they have any queries or if they have any concerns regarding your services.


Show them respect

If you are not treating your buyers respectfully, they will not be interested in dealing with you. Surprisingly, buyers care more about your attitude than your product. Your attitude towards your buyers must be respectful and calm. Even if they are unhappy with your offer, treat them with respect, and you will gain their trust.

Even if your buyers are not buying anything, show them respect. Your brand’s image matters a lot. They would come back and buy from you if their communication experience was good with you.


Offer them bonuses offer them bonuses  

Nobody denies a bonus! People love getting gifts. Bonus encourages customers to buy. Sometimes people focus more on the FREE part then the prepaid product bonus comes with.

Imagine if your leads are not paying any attention to your $100 product but if you offered a bonus of $20 product with it, they will definitely get interested In SAVING $20 from the bonus and will buy your product.

Almost every brand offers a bonus with products. Especially when people are paying less attention to their product. Ever noticed how clothing brands offer bonus and discounts on out of season stock?

Similarly, brands such as Amazon offers bonus products with even top selling products. The charm of getting a bonus with a product is sometimes more exciting than a discounted product.


Provide value over money

You need to convince your buyers how your product is beneficial for them and they are paying a small amount for a more significant benefit. This part is essential, educate your buyers about the possible benefits they are getting with your product.

If your buyers realize how your product can contribute to achieving their goals, they will get interested. As long as they are unaware of the potential of your product, they might consider it costly and unneeded.

Share proper calculations and plans with them and make them understand how your product’s cost is only a fraction of the results they will achieve with it.


Add scarcity factor

Ever noticed why brands create limited time offers? Do you know how their limited time offers to generate more sales then routine sales? Limited time offers to generate more sales than routine sales.

People don’t want to lose an opportunity that is for a limited time, and when they see a limited offer, the offer psychologically enforces them to hurry and buy.

The excitement of being one of the few people who is going to grab the opportunity is another factor. If you create a limited time offer for your leads, they will pay more attention to their product as they don’t want to miss an opportunity.


Share success stories of clients

People pay special attention towards success stories, and if you are advertising your product with success stories of your clients, you will gain their interest.

Everybody has some goals to achieve, and they look for solutions. If they are introduced to products that are known to bring successful results, they will buy.

If your product has helped any of your clients with their goals, share their experience with your leads and let them know how your product can change their life.

Get one to one with them on a phone call

Communication is essential when it comes to marketing. If you are communicating more clearly, you will succeed in convincing your leads. People respond more positively to marketing calls.

Acquire contact numbers of your buyers and make a call, deal nicely and introduce your offer. Know more about them and their problems that can be solved with your product. Share solutions with your product.



Keep advertising your product, buyers are not interested in buying a product that they see for the first time, but if they get to see it often, they get interested in it.

The best example would be social media adds. Although many of us don’t buy from food chains on a regular basis still we daily get to see their yummy pizza adds and once in a while, we fall into the trap.

What you need to do is to keep retargeting your leads and eventually they will gain interest and start buying your products.

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