The 5 Best Ways to Get Awesome Opt-ins
Nov 6, 2018
The 5 Best Ways to Get Awesome Opt-ins

This article aimed to discuss the followings:

  • The goal of opt-ins and why it has become an essential part of business marketing and growth.
  • What should be included in opt-in forms and the elements you need to get amazing conversions.
  • How to make effective opt-ins to attract users.

Email opt-ins is of great use, especially for e-commerce sites. Building up a list by bringing in subscribers, email opt-ins allows marketers to engage customers. According to a study, 96 percent of the visitors on the sites are not ready to buy the service immediately. It is better to get their emails through opt-in form and then use it for future marketing.

With the introduction of social media marketing, email marketing still remains the most effective. The consumer wants to receive permission-based marketing material rather than an unwanted one.

Users nowadays are less likely to give out their emails because of increasing spams and security risks. So this is up to you how you ask for emails that should convince visitors to trust you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when asking users for data to build your list:

1. Lead Magnets or Gifts:

It always a great idea to give away something in exchange of user’s information, you receive. This is one of the old marketing methods that still work. Users will feel wanted and appreciated if they get something in return by sharing their data.

Sometimes a free book or access to some of the podcast is given if a user subscribes. This is what Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels does by offering his “DotComSecrets” in exchange of email and subscribers receive 257 podcast episodes about marketing for free.

His gifts are usually in physical form, which is more appealing than an e-book or anything online. It could be much hustling, but if the subscriber is ready to pay for shipping, how true subscriber could be towards your services.

But this should not undermine the power of lead magnets, which is usually something offered digitally. Not everyone will be willing to pay for shipments. Lead magnets could provide an easy way for users who are willing to fill in opt-in forms. It is a fair deal to receive a useful e-book for giving your data, which people might not be willing to share otherwise, without anything in return.

2. Effective Pop-ups

Pop-ups and overlays are often considered annoying to the users. Still, they are among the effective ways to increase subscriptions. According to a report, there are chances of up to 400 percent increase in opt-ins through pop-ups.

Do not go for the advice of a few people, check it for your own and see the results by yourself. When going for pop-ups, make sure to make them engaging and relevant according to your page.

Few things that need to be taken care of are the design, headline, and timing of it. It should look trustworthy and relevant on the page rather than a random ad. Also should have a catchy headline that grabs the attention of visitors.

Timing also plays an important role, for instance, when it should be appeared once the visitor landed on the page. Furthermore, the size should be the way that neither it should cover the whole area nor be too small to be ignored easily.

3. Distinctive Bar at the Top of the Page:

There are a few speculations that pop-ups could be too much on a site. Sometimes it is not possible to dedicate a whole column or block on a page asking for email. In a situation like these, a bar at the top is the solution.

The bar that sits on the topmost of the site will offer something to the visitor, persuading him to go further more towards your target. “HelloBar” and “ViperBar” are two companies that are offering this technology.

There are various customization options available. Like you can make it prominent with a brightcolor or distinctive shades than the rest of your site so they become prominent and catch attention. Space is very limited, so the message written should be very persuasive.

4. When and Where to Ask for Data:

Time and location play an important role for email opt-ins. Do not throw a push notification or pop-up right after a user comes on your site. This could lead to consumers leaving the page, reducing the convergence rate as well as trust and credibility of your site with just one wrong move.

Timing is the key. Google analytics or such other services could be used to see how much time a user is spending. Behavior-based marketing has always been proved to be fruitful, even for email opt-ins.

 Personalize the message of your pop-ups or push notifications. Design it according to what visitors are looking for, which will aid in increasing your email-opt-ins.

Locate a space where users spend more time. Heat mapping software could be used to see the pages where most time is spent. That is where you should ask for the data or email subscriptions, so visitors can get the notice of it.

5. Single opt-in or Double opt-ins:

Difference between single opt-in and double opt-in should be understood before working on it.

Single opt-in is when a user fills your opt-in form and it instantly added to your list. On the other hand, double opt-in is that when the users filled the form, an email is sent to them. If the user clicks the link provided in the email, then he/she will be added into the list, otherwise, they will not be added to the list.

The advantage of single opt-in is that you can get more subscribers in less time. While on the other hand, the emails provided could be bogus as compared to double opt-in where authenticity is judged. It could be hard to judge if the subscriber is actually interested or qualified enough for it.

The data shows that double opt-in has a higher rate of subscriptions and provides better results. With 40 percent better open rate than single opt-in. But again, it depends on what works better for you. Try them out for increasing your list.

There are no hard and fast rules about what will work, it depends on experiences. These 5 ways would surely add value to your opt-in and increase your list. Never be afraid of trying opt-ins, just show your creativity to make them look awesome. Keep experimenting unless you receive the desired results, where not only your list builds, but also engagement would increase.

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